A curated experience. What does it mean? What are the factors that affect how someone experiences a moment, an event, a series of events? How do you piece a trip together that maximizes engagement and enjoyment for the most people? What factors, and influences impact their mood, receptiveness, ability to concentrate, be attentive, be present, and be happy? Can you design an experience or series of experiences that optimize well-being, focus, enjoyment and openness? 

There are known factors that impact how one processes an experience.

1. Expectations

Do they know what is happening? Do their expectations match the actual experience?

2. Physical well-being

  • Sleep, time zone
  • Stamina
  • Hydration
  • Adequate meal timing and consistent blood-sugar regulation

3. Environment

  • Sounds, noise
  • Temperature, humidity, air circulation
  • Smells

4. Activity duration & intensity

5. Work resulting in intermittent rewards

6. Interaction with others on the trip

  • Do they feel comfortable with one-another?

7. Timing of activities, breaks, free-time vs structured time

  • Is it balanced?

8. Individual flexibility

  • Optional activities for introverts vs extroverts

9. Can we subtly curate experiences that maximize well-being and improve performance and enjoyment? How does this change with time over the course of a trip?

  • Do the less desirable action first, followed by a rewarding experience. 
  • Focus on order of presentation. 
  • Start with ice-breakers, getting people to talk about themselves and their interests. Getting people to listen. Facilitating group interaction. The goal being to form bonds during a shared experience at a time of high vulnerability. This can result in lasting friendships. 
  • People feel out of control when they’re travelling. It can be distressing. How can we dampen or mitigate this feeling?

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