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Our Commitment to You

When you join us in Belize, you become part of our family and form lifelong friendships with our team.

Our staff become life-long friends, and we look forward to welcoming you back year after year!


When’s the best time of year to visit Belize?

Year round! December and January are incredible, with mild weather and warm seas. But Spring and Summer breaks are also great times. Design Your Trip Now.

What vaccinations are required for Belize and DGT?

Belize and DGT don’t require specific vaccinations, but we at DGT encourage you to protect your health, and vaccinations are an important part of that. We urge you to consult your doctor before travel.

What are Belize’s visa requirements?

Unless staying longer than 6 months, you enter Belize on a regular tourist visa. Americans, Canadians, Australians and most Western Europeans do not need a visa to enter Belize. Check with your local Belize consulate if you have any questions.

Check out the Belize Tourism Board website for the most recent information regarding travel to Belize:

Is Covid a major concern in Belize?

We want all of our guests to be vaccinated against Covid-19. At this time of writing, in May 2021, vaccines are just rolling out. More than anything, follow WHO, CDC, and Belize Ministry of Health Guidelines. Stay safe, get vaccinated, do your part, and protect community health. 

I read about crime in Belize. Is Belize safe?

The overwhelming majority of visitors to Belize never encounter dangers or annoyances; their trip is seamless and safe. The key to this is planning, choosing good locations, and having some rules of conduct in place. We have clear health and safety preparedness plans and our staff has a 100% track record of keeping our students safe during their trips to Belize and the region.

How far ahead do I need to book my trip with DGT?

We only handle a limited number of  groups per year, ensuring personal attention to each group. That’s why our clients tend to return each year. They book their slot, and hold it for years at a time. Reach out to discuss your trip and book your slot as soon as possible!

What is DGT’s refund policy?

Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to other DGT trips. Trip payments are fully refundable up to three months before the first day of your trip. Trip payments are only 50% refundable within three months before the first day of your trip. No refunds are offered within 30 days of your trip, but trip payments are also transferable so you can still come later or a friend can take your place. Make sure you purchase travel insurance that covers your flight, trip costs and medical expenses.

What happens in case of an emergency?

DGT has a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan and a fully trained staff who are ready to handle any medical needs and emergencies that may arise. Such events are extremely unlikely. However, sometimes the unpredictable occurs. We have experience resolving emergency situations, ranging from simple medical care and injuries to natural disasters, floods, and most recently a pandemic. We are prepared! 

The time I spent in Belize was life-changing in every aspect.

Words fall so short of my actual experience. It was the most real and involved situation I have ever been in up until this point, and I’ve utilized the knowledge I gained over and over again. Belize now feels like my second home and the team feels like my family. The whole team was so involved while I was there, and they’re still part of my life today. I honestly don’t know how the direction of my life would have gone if I hadn’t gone to Belize!”

– Helen Sung, UCLA

This was an eye-opening and life-changing experience.

When I arrived, I only had a vague idea what to expect. This trip, however, gave me SO much more than that. The trip was amazing because of the variety of the work we did, but more importantly, the persistence and passion the team has for their work. This made me love Belize even more. I will always carry my memory of Belize with me!”

– Katherine Zhou, Boston Massachusetts

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